Large Organic Provisiones Box

Large Organic Provisiones Box

Initial Deposit: $45

Large Box with Fresh Organic Provisiones


6 Heads Lettuce (mixed: green and red)
6 Bunches Kale (mixed: dinosaur, green or red/purple)
4 Bunches Mexican Cilantro 
4 Bunches Chard (mixed: rainbow and red)
2 Head Cauliflower 
2 Head Broccoli 
2 kg Cucumber
2 kg Heirloom Tomato (red or yellow)
1 kg Red Onion
2 kg Organic Banana 
1 kg Organic Limon Mesino


Contents of Permaculture Planet Provisiones Produce Boxes are subject to seasonality changes. Some products may be substituted by Permaculture Planet based on natures rhythms, availability and seasonability. 
If a substitution occurs, the substitution will be for like value and like weight products to ensure the full value of each box is received by you, the customer.

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