Eternal Spring Development - Lot 1 **SOLD**

Eternal Spring Development - Lot 1 **SOLD**

Property Price: $249,000
Initial Deposit: $7,470
**This Lot has SOLD as of June 2018**

Eternal Spring Development Lot 1 Overview

Property Overview: 

   Land Area:               26,817 square meters

   Topographic Map:   See attached for topographic map overview @ 26,817 square meter area

Property Includes:

   Permaculture Design Master Plan
            Full Permaculture Design Master Plan
   Driveway Implementation
            Up to 40 meters of internal driveway/road implementation
   Homesite Area Determination
            General Clearing of area for Homesite, does not include grading of land
Fresh Water Spring Development
            Developed Spring Water Captation System with outlet for each lot.
            Legal Right of Passage from Spring to each lot.
            Buyer will be responsible for their own water distribution system from Spring Captation to lot.
   Food Forest / Reforestation Zone Implementation
            Food Forest / Reforestation Zone, up to 10,000 square meters total
            Final size to be determined by available space and permaculture design as well as input from buyer.
   Living Pond System
            (4) Living Ponds, up to 70 square meters total
   Privacy Living Hedge Border
            Living Hedge around 3 borders (all except river)
   Initial Food Forest / Reforestation Maintenance (12 Months)
            6 week interval hand cleaning around each fruit tree
            6 week interval cleaning entire Food Forest area (string trimmer)
            3 month interval liquid foliar spraying with organic fertilizer and EM
            6 month interval compost soil amendment applied around root system of each fruit tree
            3 month interval cleaning of forestry area

Property Permaculture Checklist:

 Water Yes, Two Sources: Spring Water Onsite & Public Water Source
Access Yes, Public Road Access and Internal Road Access
Power Yes, ICE on Main Road
Food Forest Yes, 10,000 square meters planted out
Reforestation Yes, Any area from Food Forest can be planted reforestation
Scenery Yes, River Frontage, Valley and Mountain Views
Elevation Yes, 2,600 Feet Above Sea Level
Cellular Service Yes, LTE 4G (Claro)
High Speed Internet Yes, Confirmed Available
Ambient Temperature 68F-84F All Year
River Temperature

67F-76F All Year



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