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Welcome to Permaculture Planet

We are entering into a golden age. It is time for a professional non-profit firm to focus energies on revitalizing our planet using organic permaculture design principles to reforest deteriorated & overgrazed lands - transforming Mother Nature back to her once thriving existence, one farm at a time.

As we expand, we will continue to purchase more deteriorated and overgrazed land in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica, transforming that land into thriving food forest eco-systems. Our tried and true methods for reforestation include using permaculture design and implementation principals that mimic and speed up the forests natural cycles so that an under-story, over-story and canopy system can come into maturity in record time with vitality. 

Our Management Team comes from a background in organic permaculture and CPG, growing some of the most well known organic beverage companies in the industry to national distribution. As we further our Vision, we look forward to welcoming other partners and donors to accelerate our Mission. 

Our Vision is to accelerate the transformation of deteriorated plant, animal and human ecosystems into thriving biodiverse fruit producing systems that stand the test of time. 

By utilizing permaculture principals that work in accordance with natural law, we look forward to transforming planet earth and Mother Nature back to her once thriving existence, one farm at a time.

Cheers to health.