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    Discover Reef Safe Sunscreen for a Healthier Ocean

    Welcome to our Reef Safe Sunscreen Guide, your go-to resource for protecting both your skin and the precious marine life in our oceans. Marine Sanctuaries are vital ecosystems, rich in biodiversity and cultural significance. To safeguard these crucial areas, it is imperative to choose sun protection that not only shields your skin but also preserves our oceans from harmful chemicals.

  • How to Identify Reef-Friendly Sunscreen

    While the term "reef friendly" isn't regulated, you can safeguard marine life by checking the active ingredients. Opt for micro-sized or non-nano mineral sunscreens to avoid toxic nanoparticles. Say no to harmful substances by checking your sunscreen against the "HEL list" and choose products with eco-friendly packaging.

  • Understanding the Impact on Coral Reefs

    To navigate the ambiguity surrounding "reef-safe" labels, consider the following tips:

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Wear Sun Protection Clothing:

Opt for UPF-rated clothing to minimize the need for sunscreen

Avoid Oxybenzone or Octinoxate:

Evidence suggests these chemicals are harmful to reefs; hence, it's wise to choose sunscreens without them.

Choose a Non-Nano, Mineral-Based Formula:

Look for zinc oxide and titanium oxide ingredients, labeled as "non-nano" to reduce coral impact.

Steer Clear of Parabens:

Many sunscreens promote being "paraben-free" due to concerns about their impact on coral reef bleaching.

Opt for Rub-On Lotions:

Choose lotions over sprays to minimize sand contamination and ocean runoff.

Prioritize Water Resistance:

A sunscreen with good water resistance stays on longer, reducing the likelihood of washing off into the ocean.

  • The Truth About Sunscreens and Coral Health

    While oxybenzone and octinoxate have been extensively studied, other ingredients like preservatives, fragrances, and UV-blocking agents are under scrutiny. The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology emphasizes the need for ongoing research to comprehend sunscreens' full impact on coral reefs.