What is Permaculture Planet?

What is Permaculture Planet?


We are entering into a golden age. It is time for a professional real estate development firm to focus energy on revitalizing our planet using organic permaculture design principles.

Permaculture Planet is a Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rican based corporation specializing in permaculture design land development and permaculture design properties. We're obsessive about natural resources and preserving natural resources within our projects. We pour the majority of our resources into Costa Rican communities that show promise of strong future biodiversity and value appreciation.

r permaculture farm, homestead and estate properties are developed in accordance with natural laws - allowing abundance to flow with form and function. Each property we develop includes a mountain spring water captation system, permaculture organic food forest and natural architecture / building design.

Our team is dedicated to developing and selling the best organic permaculture properties on the planet without compromise, reaching all walks of life, while enjoying the journey and maintaining impeccable customer service.

Finally, turnkey properties that allow you to live in a new economy - an economy where biodiversity and organic nourishment are top priorities.



To learn more about our current available properties, click here.

To inquire about future developments to suit your needs, please email hello@permacultureplanet.co.


Pura Vida,


  Permaculture Planet Team

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